Medium Duty Staplers

Medium Duty Tools drive a heavier gauge fastener range than the light duty models, but still offer compact and low weight designs. This collection of tools offer leg lengths of up to 40mm.

Versatility in fastener wire gauge options provides tool & fastener combinations which allow easily application of fasteners, promote operator comfort and give great holding power in a wide range of industries and applications. These tools are ideally suited to many industrial applications including: cabinet and wardrobe construction in the Furniture trade, wire mesh & trellis in Fencing, sheet and laminate Flooring, Wood panelling, Feather boarding and various interior and exterior trim applications in the building and construction trade.

BeA 90/25-552BeA 90/25-552 Medium Duty Stapler£282.32 exc. Vat
Bea 90/32-611BeA 90/32-611 Medium Duty Stapler£400.82 exc. Vat
94/40-621 StaplerBeA 90/40-621 Stapler£376.73 exc. Vat
94/32-614 StaplerBeA 94/32-614 Stapler£699.55 exc. Vat
BeA 97/25-550BeA 97/25-550 Medium Duty Stapler£282.32 exc. Vat
92/25-553 StaplerBea92/25-553 Stapler£283.82 exc. Vat
92/32-632 CBea92/32-632C Stapler£495.03 exc. Vat
92/40-722 StaplerBea92/40-722 Medium Duty Pneumatic Stapler£460.06 exc. Vat
BSB156SX-1-EBostitch SB156SX-1-E 90 and SX Stapler 40mm Max£269.59 exc. Vat
S90-40Montana S90-40 Medium Duty Stapler£130.75 exc. Vat
SW38-1/CEMontana SW38-1/CE Wide Crown Pneumatic Stapler£228.50 exc. Vat