Heavy Duty Staplers

With a span of fasteners that include a maximum crown width of 25mm, and leg lengths from 15mm to 65mm, this group represents the Stanley Bostitch Heavy Duty stapler range. Staples manufactured predominantly from 15 & 16 gauge steel wire, these fasteners can offer a fast & low cost assembly alternatives to screws and other fixing systems. Used primarily in industrial situations Heavy Duty staples are critical in maintaining the shape and structure of materials across a wide range of industries.

In the Furniture industry, MDF & wooden chair and sofa frames are typical uses for this group of tools and fasteners, but applications don’t stop there. We also offer Heavy Duty fastening solutions for stapling corrugated containers to pallets, assembling wooden packing crates, fencing and trellis manufacturing, and a wide range of second fix building applications tasks such as applying insulation and vapour barriers, fixing flooring and many, many more.

438S4-1438S4-1 Bostitch Stapler£454.65 exc. Vat
BeA 14/32-613BeA 14/32-613 Heavy Duty Wire Stapler£486.43 exc. Vat
Bea 14/40-723BeA 14/40-723 Heavy Duty Stapler£445.15 exc. Vat
Bea 14/50-763BeA 14/50-763 Heavy Duty Stapler£697.00 exc. Vat
438S2-1Bostitch 438S2-1 Pneumatic Heavy Duty Wide Crown Stapler£545.00 exc. Vat
B651S5Bostitch 651S5 S5 Stapler-CT 50mm Max£382.57 exc. Vat
140/38–153The BeA 140/38–153 Pneumatic Stapler£922.75 exc. Vat