Vertex Clinching Tool

Vertex Clinching Tools

Stanley Fastening Systems has made the decision to discontinue the sale of Hartco tool and clip production lines.  However The Stapling Company stands ready to serve all of your Clipping needs with a alternative the VERTEX tool and clips. We also supply Silentwire used in line with tools and clips.

ProClinch 4.5 – ProClinch Clipping Tool – Strip Fed

The Vertex ProClinch 4.5 clipping tool is Lightweight, has fewer parts, simpler to handle and uses of the latest industrial materials meaning lightweight, high quality, low maintenance, and increased longevity.

Magazine Capacity : 37 to 47 Clips
Height : 225mm
Weight : 21kg
Length : 362mm
Width : 70mm

Model Range

  • PC4-6181 : takes CLP3 & CLP4
  • PC4-6082 : takes CLP24
  • PC4-6183 : takes CLP34
  • PC4-6189  : takes CLP36
  • PC4-6788 : takes CLP38

Vertex Fasteners Pro-Clinch 5.2Proclinch 5.2- Roll Fed Clipping System – Roll Fed

The ProClinch 5.2 Roll Fed Clinching Tool relies on the same Technology as the Proclinch 4.5 and gives you the added benefits of increased ergonomic and clip load Capacity. The Proclinch 5.2 was designed to take-on the heaviest of production needs.

Features include:

  • Tool counter balancer
  • Roll clip feed with up to15,000 clips per roll.
  • Easy-load feed rail for faster loading and less downtime.
  • Double clip roll holder means you will always have a fresh roll ready to load.
  • Blade jam release for quick and easy cleaning.
Magazine Capacity : 9,375 to 13,025 clips
Height : 2,438mm
Weight : 46.6 kg
Length : 1,524mm
Width : 914mm

Proclinch Tool Applications:

  • Bedding
  • Furniture
  • Automotive
  • Fence/Razor wire
  • Cages/Wire

Model Range

  • PC5-1020H : takes CLP-13
  • PC5-1022H : takes CLP-33
  • PC5-6080H : takes CLP-23