The SCRAIL® Collated Nail Screw Fastener

We have been re-selling the Scrail® for a while with our customers finding it very beneficial with its combination of both nail and screw.  The Scrail is aimed at specific applications where you may require the benefits of unscrewing to open and re-close a package and the speed of insertion of a nail. Specific benefits includes:

  • The Scrail is twice as fast as collated screws
  • Eight times faster than bulk screws
  • Saves time and labour costs
  • Use them anywhere screws are used
  • It is possible they could fit in your existing  tools
  • Easily adjusted, quickly removed
  • Dramatically increased holding power versus nails
  • SCRAIL® has been used in many customer projects since the late 90’s

Scrail Videos

This video from the manufacturers demonstrate the versatility of the Scrail product:

Customer Experience

One of our customers has found them extremely beneficial.  They seal thousands of crates of goods which are then sent for export.  Quite often, the crates are opened at customs for inspection then need to re-fastened.  The Scrail solution has saved them many man hours and made their overall operation more efficient.

In addition to crating, the Scrail is ideal for Decking, Furniture, Fencing, Railing and joist flooring.

Scrail Fastener Tools

We recommend the following two tools for use with the Scrail. If you need advise on whether your existing tools will work with the Scrail, do not hesitate to contact us.
Fasco F33 CN15W PS50 SCR

Fasco F33 CN15W-PS50 SCR

Mini coil nailer for wire welded and plastic collated coil nails legth 22 to 50 mm and BECK MINI-SCRAIL®

Length : 263 Weight : 1.8
Height : 290 Magazine Capacity : 200 – 400
Item Code : 000011350.01 Air Consumption : 0.75
Width : 110 Min / Max Pressure : 5/7
Actuation Mode : Single Sequential / Contact Trip
  • Compatible with BECK MINI-SCRAIL® fastener
  • Ultra light weight
  • Toothed safety yoke for toe-nailing
  • CT/SS selector
  • Adjustable safety yoke

Click for the Fasco PDF specification sheet

Stanley Bostitch F33PT-E

Stanley Bostitch F33PT-E

A 33 Paper Tape Stick Nailer -ST and Case

The first Bostitch nailer to drive paper-tape nails and ideal for use in tight working areas

The F33PT-E drives up to 90mm nails

The tool body is made from lightweight magnesium

Power Type :  Pneumatic Weight:  3.6kg
Width :  133mm Magazine Capacity :  75
Length :  457mm Air Consumption : 2.47*
Height : 355mm Min / Max Pressure :  4.8 – 8.3 bar

*Ltr per shot at 5.6 bar