Max / Montana Tools

Tool Staples Type Staple Dimensions
BeA CN-238

CN-238 Coil Nailer 12100253

Max Coil Nailer for flat head, dome head and screw nails

TC Fastener Length 19-32mm

Max CN552S CE Coil Nailer

CN552S/CE Coil Nailer

Suitable for fencing and sheathing

21X35AWGRB, 21X38AWGR,
21X38AWTLR, 21X45AWGR,

Max CN650M/CE Coil Nailer

CN650M/CE Coil Nailer

Concrete and metal coil nailer

FAP27V5, FAP30V9-HT,

Max CN80/CE Heavy Duty Coil Nailer

CN80/CE Heavy Duty Coil Nailer

A well balanced speedy nailing performance, durable with adjustable exhaust deflector

25x50FAWBR, 25x50FAWGR,
28x60FAWGR, 28x64FAWBR,

TA 551A/CE Pneumatic Stapler

TA 551A/CE Pneumatic Stapler

A light weight powerful tool with rapid fire and depth control

G5562X25GC, G5562X32GC
G5562X38GC, G5562X50GC

TA238/18-6/CE 18 Gauge Stapler

TA238/18-6/CE 18 Gauge Stapler

A light weight powerful tool with slim nose for reaching tight spots, rapid fire and depth control

781X18GC, 781X18V2A (STAINLESS),
781X20GC, 781X22GC,
781X25GC, 781X28GC,
781X30GC, 781X32GC,

Montana MON SN-130C CE Strip Nailer

Montana MON/SN22-130C/CE Strip Nailer

Pneumatic 8 Bar Strip Nailer 22 degree sequential actuation strip nailer firing various size fasteners

38X100BSC205, 38X110BSC205,
38X130BSC205, 38X130GSC205

Montana MON SN34-38MC CE

Montana MON/SN34-38MC/CE Strip Nailer

Positive Placement Full Round Head Strip Nailer

375X38JH33/HDSC tba

Montana MON S71-16 CE

Montana MON/S71-16/CE 8 Bar Stapler

Pneumatic tacker, manual operations.  Height 155 mm, Length 218 mm, Weight 1 kg, Operating Pressure 100 psi (6.9 bar), Collation straight, Mode of Operation Single Actuation, Staple range 4mm – 16mm
Applications: Cabinets, Casebacks, Decorative Trim, Dust Covers, Upholstery

670X10G, 670X10SS, 670X12G,
670X14G, 670X6SS, 670X8G

Montana MON S80-16/CE

Montana MON/S80-16/CE 8 Bar Stapler

Pneumatic tacker, manual operation.
Weight: 0.87 kgs, Dimensions: 237 x 43 x 153m
Pneumatic tacker, manual operation and low level of noise it uses 6-16mm length staples
Applications: Framing, Sheathing, Sub-flooring, Decking

781X18GC, 781X18V2A (STAINLESS),781X20GC, 781X22GC, 781X25GC,
781X28GC, 781X30GC, 781X32GC,781X35GC

Montana MON/B18-55

Montana B18-55

Weight : 1.29kgs. Dimensions : 256(H) x 58(W) x 249(L) mm, Load Capacity 100 brad nails
Operating pressure : 5-8kg/cm² (regulator) 70-100psi
Applications: 18 gauge brad nailer, Lock-out mechanism, Dial adjustable depth control, Slim nose allows you to reach difficult areas, No-mark tip, Quick side loading system, Rear exhaust system ger valve


Montana B16-64

Montana B16-64

Weight : 1.72 kgs, Dimensions : 297.4(H) x 98.2274.1(W) x xxx(L) mm, Load Capacity : 110 brad nails, Operating pressure : 4.9 ~8.4 kg/cm² (regulator) 70-120psi

Applications: Drives 16-64mm Brads, 16 Gauge Brad Nailer, Lock-out mechanism, Dial adjustable depth control, Slim nose allows you to reach difficult areas, Quick side loading system, Rear exhaust systemger valve, Sequential trip trig


Montana MON/CNW25-50-C1

Montana CNW25-50-C1 Pneumatic Nailer

  • Weight : 2.0 kgs, Dimensions :  305x128x285 mm, Operating pressure : 4.9~8.3 bar,
  • Fastener specifications : Angle 15’, diameter 1.59~2.50 mm, length 25~50 mm
  • Contact actuation, Single sequential actuation

Montana SW38-1 Stapler

Montana SW38-1 Wide Crown Stapler

  • Takes Staples from 13mm-38mm leg length
  • Dimensions :  360 X 78 X 236mm.
  • Weight: 2.6kg
 Wide Crown  13mm-38mm

Montana/SG40/100 Stapler

Montana SG40 100 Stapler

  • 19mm-38mm leg length.
  • Dimensions.  360 X 78 X 235
  • Weight  1.77 kilo
 14 / 100 series staple