Stanley Bostitch Carton Closing Packaging

Stanley Bostitch has recently launched its new Carton Closing tools brochure.  Click the image below to download a PDF.  If you have any queries on the tools featured or would like to buy, then please do not hesitate to contact us. … [Read more...]

Welcome return for the N57-CB and N70-CB

Due to popular demand the N57-CB and the N70-CB have returned to the Bostitch Coil Nailer range, albeit the N57-CB has a new name the IC60-1-E Coil Nailer (I C standing for Industrial Coil) The IC60- 1-E will replace the N58 in the range and the N70-CB will replace the N71-CB. In addition to the range there will be the all New IC50-1-E ( with contact trip ) and the IC50-2-E (with Sequential … [Read more...]

New Stapling Products

We have recently added three new products to compliment our existing range of staplers, useful for repairs or places where there is no air is available. Rocama 16-71  (71 type staple) Takes 8mm-16mm Compact Handy Robust  light weight aluminium body Very powerful with adjustment power device Maximum driving with minimum effort Ideal for : decorative work, upholstery, … [Read more...]

Stanley Bostitch Guide to Choosing an Air Compressor

This is the Stanley Bostitch guide to selecting the right air compressor for your requirements: 1. Where will it be used? Make sure that you choose the correct voltage. If you are using the compressor on-site, the 110v version is most appropriate. 2. Which tank size is most appropriate? When choosing your tank size, just remember that the size of tank doesn’t affect the volume of air delivery … [Read more...]

Stanley Bostitch Cordless Carton Closer

We are now stocking the new battery powered Stanley Bostitch Cordless Carton Closer, a top performance stapler which allows users to be on the move and still carry out fast efficient stapling. There are two tools available from Stanley Bostitch - the DSA-3519-U (for 15 and 18mm staples) and the DSA-3522-U (for 18 and 22mm staples).  They both come complete with two fast recharge batteries which … [Read more...]

Fasco Tools

  We have recently added Fasco Tools to our range of staplers, nailers, bradders etc.  They are developed and assembled in Italy and have a long history of being a reliable tool to use in every day applications.  We have put up a page showing some of the more popular Fasco tools, but if you have a specific requirement, please contact us and we'll be more than happy to help supply it. In … [Read more...]

Stanley Bostitch BF33-2-U Battery Framing Nailer

This is a new stick nailer from Stanley Bostitch which we have trialled with existing customers and have received good feedback for its versatility and portability.  One of these is a packing case business and they have found that the battery power has meant they can go about their business much more quickly than conventional stick nailers.  The specifications / benefits of the nailer … [Read more...]

New Stanley Bostitch FNC40-E Wire Fencing Stapler

The new Stanley Bostitch fence stapler is a powerful pneumatic tool designed for the rapid installation and maintenance of wire fences and enclosures. The rugged and reliable tool design makes lightwork of even long runs, saving huge amounts of time compared to using manual tools. FNC40-E Specifications Staple Range : 38mm, 40mm and 50mm Magazine Capacity : 90 Operating Pressure : 60 - … [Read more...]

The SCRAIL® Collated Nail Screw Fastener

We have been re-selling the Scrail® for a while with our customers finding it very beneficial with its combination of both nail and screw.  The Scrail is aimed at specific applications where you may require the benefits of unscrewing to open and re-close a package and the speed of insertion of a nail. Specific benefits includes: The Scrail is twice as fast as collated screws Eight times … [Read more...]

Thousands of Spares in Stock

As an approved Bostitch service centre, we hold thousands of spares in stock to ensure we can provide you with the best service possible for your Stanley Bostitch tools. We are able to fix most tools on-site in our workshop meaning we can get the tool back on site to you as quickly as possible.  In addition to Stanley Bostitch spares, we also provide other makes such as BeA, Hartco, Spenax and … [Read more...]